Zoom for Blackboard Quick Start Guide


This guide will assist faculty, staff, and students in navigating the meeting application Zoom using the Blackboard integration.

Estimated Time to Complete

Reviewing this guide to Zoom will take no more than 10 minutes.

Accessing Zoom

  1. If you have not yet activated your Zoom account, go to https://indstate-edu.zoom.us and sign in with your ISU email address.
  2. Go to https://Blackboard.indstate.edu and log into your ISU account.
  3. Under the Course tab select the course you wish to utilize Zoom.
  4. Once in this course, look for the Tools tab on the left-hand side of the page and select it.
  5. On this page, scroll down and select Zoom Meeting.
  6. This will then take you to the Zoom meetings page.

Schedule a New Meeting

This option allows for the creation of a new Zoom meeting for the whole class.

  1. Select the button in the upper right side of the page that says Schedule a New Meeting.
  2. Select all the different features you would like for the meeting to contain.
  3. If you wish to record your session there is a check box next to Record the meeting automatically.
  4. Once done changing the settings select Save.

This meeting will be saved and can be accessed via the link that is provided on the creation page.


Zoom Menu Options

Upcoming Meetings – This will show all the future meetings that you have scheduled, or your instructor has scheduled for you.
Previous Meetings -  Displays a list of all the previous meetings that have been attended.
Personal Meeting Room - This page allows for the creation of a personal meeting room where you can invite whoever you choose. You can edit the settings for this meeting by clicking on the Edit this Meeting button at the bottom of the page. Once done changing these settings, you can select Start this Meeting. The Personal Meeting Room is only recommended for regular open sessions such as office hours.

Cloud Recordings – This page will allow for you to display all your recordings that have been put onto the Zoom cloud.


After reviewing this article, you should have a basic understanding of how to navigate Zoom in Blackboard. Any further questions or concerns can be directed to Instructional Tool Support at 812-237-7000.


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