How To Configure a Scheduled Report in PureConnect


Scheduled reports allows for a CIC Supervisor to configure a report to run on a specified schedule and delivered via email. This process requires IC Business Manager access, thus, must be performed by a Supervisor.

This procedure requires two programs to be installed on your computer, IC Business Manager, and Scheduled Reports Client, both of which are available in Software Center.


  1. Launch IC Business Manager
  2. Navigate to the Interaction Reporter section
  3. From the Navigation Pane, open the report that you would like to schedule
  4. Configure the filter parameters (For example, if you want all of the calls from the previous day, select a Date Range of Yesterday)
  5. When you are finished configuring the filter parameters, click “Export” at the top of the window
  6. Save the filter (this will be used to import into the Scheduled Reports Client)
  7. From your start menu, launch “Scheduled Reports Client”
  8. Log in, Using Windows Authentication, to Server: isu-cccic-1
  9. Configure the report, by clicking File >> New Scheduled Report
  10. In the Filter field, browse to the exported filter file from step 6
  11. Enter a descriptive name for the Report (Example: Admissions Call Summary – Yesterday)
  12. Enter your IC username
  13. Enter your IC Password (this is the PIN number that is used for the system, NOT your university account password. If you do not know this password, enter an OIT ticket to have your password reset.)
  14. Enter the IC Server: isu-cccic-1
  15. Click Next
  16. Select the “Email” checkbox
  17. Select, or enter, the email address you would like the report delivered to
  18. Select the file format to be used for the report and click “Next”
  19. Select the time of day and the frequency at which to run the report, and click “Next”
  20. Select the Period for the report, and click “Finish”
  21. You will see a Yellow circle next to the report that you just created, select the report
  22. With the report selected, from the menu bar select Actions >> Activate
  23. You can now either wait for the system to run your report, or test it by clicking Actions >> Test/Execute Scheduled Report


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