How To Manage a YuJa Video Conference


There are three different roles in a video classroom session.  This article will describe the roles and the different permissions given to each role related to managing a Yuja video conference.  

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Term Definition
Owner The Owner is the meeting organizer.  This is usually an instructor though students also have the capability to create meetings. 
Presenter This is a participant with the rights to use their microphone and camera in the session.
Attendee Has the permission to see and hear content, but can only use the raise hand and chat box to communicate in the session. 


Special Concepts

Roles Refined

Owners can choose to record the session, set the default role for participants, change other Presenter's roles and assign a Main Presenter role to another participant as needed. This includes promoting aides to the Owner or Presenter role.

Toolbar view for a meeting Owner


Presenters have the rights to use their camera and microphone and can share content with others. The process is easiest when given the Main Presenter status from a meeting owner.

Toolbar view for a meeting Presenter


Attendees have no options for microphone or camera.

Toolbar view for a meeting Attendee

Tips for running a Conference

The YuJa Video conference platform supports up to 200 attendees in a meeting

- Gallery View allows up to 25 users to a page.

- For larger groups, having someone to assist with following the Chat window can help a conference session run more smoothly.

- Having documents and screens ready for sharing is recommended.



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