How To Install YuJa Software Station on PC


This article is for first time users and those wanting to make sure their Software Station is up to date.

You will need administrator access to install the software. In the case that this is a work computer or is administrated by someone else, please contact appropriate support personnel for assistance.

Video: Installing the Software Capture for PC Application


1. Faculty and students can launch YuJa from their Blackboard courses. Staff that do not have Blackboard courses can log in at using their ISU credentials.


2. From the toolbar across the top of the screen, select “Create Recording”


3. If you are installing for the first time or updating an older Software Station, click “Download” from the pop-up box.


4. Users will run the executable file from the browser or downloads folder.

Example from Chrome:


Example from Firefox:


Example from Downloads Folder:


5. PC users: Follow any on-screen prompts

Once the installation is complete, the Software Station will automatically launch.


*If you have the updated software Station already installed, you will receive the following pop-up.


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