Emergency Work From Home - Setting Up Your Computer and Peripherals


This information is intended to help you set up a workspace at home in the event of emergency "Work from home" periods as defined by the University.


General information:

1.  If you are performing dedicated work from home, as opposed to checking a few emails, it is required that you use an ISU laptop. Your ISU laptop should not be used by other people in your home.

2.  During emergency "Work from home" periods as defined by the University, if you work with a desktop every day at the office, you may request a loaner laptop to work from home on a temporary basis.  Search the Knowledge Base for "loaner" to find an article on how to acquire a loaner computer for working from home.

3.  If you are working from home for a significant period of time, with supervisor approval you may choose to take computer peripherals home with you.  If you choose to do this:

a.  Much of your setup in a home office will be exactly like your setup in your office on campus.  With this in mind, before you unhook anything to take it home, take plenty of pictures!!  Take pictures from different angles.  Take pictures of each component and how it connects to other component(s).  When you get home, these photos will be the best guide for setting up your computer at home.

b.  You can use your laptop at home by itself.  If you take any other component (keyboard, mouse, monitor) to use with your laptop at home, you must take the docking station.

c.   Be careful transporting monitors, keyboards, and other computer components to your home.  Remember to take your headset if you want to use your Skype for Business or Teams soft phone at home!

d.   Once you are in your home, refer to your pictures to connect the components together.  Connect each component to the docking station before turning anything on. 

e.   If you are connecting to your home wireless network, you do not need to connect the docking station to a router or anything else.  Your computer will connect to wireless, and the docking station in this case will just be connecting components together.

f. BEFORE you attach your laptop to the dock (if you have one) turn on your laptop and log in. Once logged in, connect to your home wireless network and connect the laptop to the dock then turn on your monitor(s)..

4.  Regarding your office phone

a.  We hope that most people will simply forward it to a mobile phone and use their mobile phone from home.  Search the knowledge base for "University phone" to find the article that provides instructions for this.

b.  If you need to use your office phone directly while you are at home, take your headset home and use Skype for Business or Teams just like you do in the office.  If you need a headset, search the knowledge base using the search term "headset" for an article that will show options and instructions for ordering.  Caution:  OIT has a limited number of headsets available.  Please do not order one unless using your mobile phone is not an option.

Please call 812-237-2910 if you have any questions or issues.  We may ask you to send us pictures of how you have things set up!



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