How to Join and Participate In A Class Using Skype for Business (Student)

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Preventing Echo During Skype Sessions

All Skype sessions (especially those with a larger number of attendees) are more successful if you wear a headset during the session.  If you do not have a headset or earphones, earbuds with a built-in microphone should be sufficient.  Finally, if you do not have a headset or earbuds, mute your microphone when not speaking so that you are not producing echo that others are hearing.


Using Skype for Business Conferencing you can join meetings that replicate a classroom environment. The article below will assist you in joining and participating in a Skype for Business meeting.

If you do not have a computer or internet connection then you can join the meeting using your phone and will be able to listen and communicate using audio only.

The steps below will help you:


Join an Audio/Video Conference

Full Audio/Video

  1. Open the email sent to you by the faculty member
  2. Click Join Skype Meeting
  3. Follow system prompts to finish joining the conference

Note: If you are prompted to install the Skype for Business web app, please do so to join the meeting. After joining the conference you can choose to enable your video. To enable your video, select the video camera button at the bottom of the conference window.

Audio Only

  1. Open the email or appointment sent to you by the faculty member
  2. Dial the phone number within the email
  3. Enter the conference ID when prompted and then press #. This ID number will be found in the meeting email/appointment.
  4. When prompted speak your name and then press #

Viewing Content

When or if content is shared it can be viewed if you are joined to the meeting using your computer. If you are joined using your computer the content will automatically show up in the meeting window when the presenter shares it.

Additional Resources

For more information, contact the TSC through their website:

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