How to Log In and Use Interaction Connect


Our Contact Center environment includes multiple methods of accessing the client software. This article will focus on how to access and use the Interaction Connect (IC) client. This software will allow you to connect and access the functions of the system through your web browser.

Special Concepts

  • Remote Number - This serves as the audio device rather than using your computer audio/headset. This can be any phone number that is reachable and should be entered exactly as it would be dialed from on campus. Examples
    • Campus phone number: Enter the 4 digit extension
    • Local phone number: Enter the full 10 digit phone number
    • Long distance phone number: Enter 1 + 10 digit phone number
  • Audio Quality - The call quality that you experience, if using your cell phone, will be directly related to the level of cell servicer that you have.  If you have audio quality issues using your cell phone ensure that you have sufficient service from your cell phone carrier.

Steps to Log In and Use Interaction Connect

Accessing and Logging In

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the site:
  2. If prompted, select the server "ISU-CCCIC-1"
  3. Select Windows Authentication
  4. If prompted, enter your ISU credentials (username = ISUAD\<university username>)
  5. Select Remote Number as the station type
  6. Enter the remote number that you would like to use as your audio device.
  7. Verify that "Persistent" is unchecked
  8. Click "Choose Station"

You should now be logged in and able to use the client. See the sections below for details about how to use the client.

Adding Current Interaction View

The Current Interaction tab will provide you information about the current interaction and allow you to dial callback requests.

  1. If you don't have the view already, click the "+" button to add a new view.
  2. From "Quick Picks" select "Current Interaction"

Answering a Call

  1. When a call comes in, click the "Pickup" button which will ring your remote number
  2. Answer the remote number device
  3. Proceed with the call
  4. When finished, hang up the remote number device

Changing Your Status

Choosing the correct status message is important to ensure that you get calls that are necessary. Note that you will only receive calls for your group if you are in the "Available" status.

  1. Click the drop-down box in the blue title bar containing the status messages
  2. Click the desired status message

Placing Outbound Calls

  1. Click the telephone icon in the blue title bar
  2. Enter the phone number that you would like to dial
  3. Press "Dial"


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