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Top Self-Help Articles relevant to remote instruction and work for Students, Faculty, and Staff.
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Categories (4)

File Storage

Articles associated with the use of OneDrive (cloud-based file storage) and the L: drive (network file storage) for storage of institutional files.

Instructional Tools

Articles associated with instructional tools (Blackboard, YuJa, Respondus, Tunitin, Zoom w/Blackboard etc.).

Office 365/ Office Suite

Articles associated with Office 365 tools and capabilities generally (including multifactor authentication (MFA). Articles associated with individual Office Suite applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)

Skype, Zoom, and University Phones

Top articles associated with Skype, Zoom, and your University Phone related to work at home.

Articles (10)

Pinned Article Getting Help

Provides information on how to contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) for help.

ISU Network Access Available in Campus Parking Lots M and Q

Access to the ISU campus network (ISU-Secure) is now available in Parking Lot M.

Resources for Free Internet Access

Students, faculty, and staff may need internet access if they do not have it at home. Some free sources do exist.

Testing Your Home Network

This article provides general information about testing your home network to improve your experience working from home.

What's Up OIT?

This article provides general information about the What's Up OIT series of presentations on new technology, OIT services, and other topics.

Checking and Optimizing Your Home Internet Connection

You can test your Internet connection speeds to see if your service is adequate to work from home. This article also contains suggestions for evaluating whether your internet service provider and/or your setup in your home are adequate for the best connection speeds.

Coronavirus Phishing Awareness

Malicious actors are using the Coronavirus event as a basis for sending phishing emails, purporting to offer information about the event.

Trouble Using University Password

This article is for student, faculty, and staff having trouble using their University password and provide instructions on how to reset or unlock their password.

Work From Home - Setting Up Your Computer and Peripherals

Information on how to set up an ISU laptop and peripherals (Mouse, Keyboard, Monitors, Docking Station) in a work-from-home setting.

Working From Home with the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Staff and faculty who are working from home may need to connect to resources that are only available from on campus, such as the L: Drive. Connecting to the VPN provides a secure and easy-to-use method for connecting to the campus network.